High Temperature Powder Coating Industrial Drying Oven

Automatically controlled the furnace temperature,
Curing oven body insulation is  made of rock wool,  can continuous work without too hot temperature.

Small Industrial Electric Heat Powder Coating Curing Drying Oven



After the electrostatic powder spraying, the workpieces will be sent to the Curing Oven for  color curing by trolley or overhead conveyor, the inside temperatuer is automatically controlled from 180°C - 250°C. 
Through the 20-30 mins’s baking , the color powder instantly turns from its solid phase to liquid phase and finally cures into a solid phase( Melting -Levelling-Curing ). At the end of the process, there will be a durable coating layer on the surface of the workpieces.


Inside Size(mm): 3000*2000*2000mm
Wall panel: Rock wool steel board,100 mm thick,inner 2 mm thick stainless steel, anti-flame and heat-insulation
Front door: 1950*2000mm(W*H), one set of door for in and out, with lift lock.
Circulation system: 1 set 3 kw high-temperatute fan,air flow capacity: 4350 m3/h
Heating system: one unit of Italy Riello fuel burner G20, max baking temperature is 250℃
Control system: 1unit, including automatic/constant temperature, stop, emergency stop, start, oven temperature setting
Guide Rai: 1 set of stainless steel guide rail for pushing the trolley in and out.
Type: Could be customized as clients want 


The specifications you need to tell us:

1. The size of workpiece,especially the max size
2. The max weight of the workpiece
3. Is there any requirements about the suspension of the workpiece?
4. The material of the workpiece
5. The anticipative output for the biggest size of the orkpiece(how many pcs in 8 hours)
6. The length,width and height of the factory available for the powder coating line
7. The heating power:Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Liquefied natural gas,fuel,or electric?
8. Do you need to change colors every day? How many colors do you have in total?
9. Do you need automatic painting or manual painting?
10. Do you need pre-treatment process? If you do,you like spray pre-treatment or bath pre-treatment?
11. The local electricity conditions(_V/_Phase/_Hz)
12. Do you have any special requiremnts about the package?