FMS8600 Downdraft auto spraying oven

Italy Riello brand burner RG5S* 1unit
Full Grid Plates (Galvanized)
Air velocity 0.45 m/s



Outer Size(mm): 7050x5200x3500

Internal Size(mm): 6900x3900x2700

Entrance Door Size(mm):3000X2700, Adopt with handle and lock

Operatior’s Door Size(mm): 650X2000, Adopt with handle and Anti-Explosion

Features: Total power 18.5 kw;  380V/3ph/50hz;  Noise < 80db

Spray Booth Configuration:

I. Wallboard:

EPS colorful steel skin board, wall panel 75mm, color steel thickness: 0.476mm, density:12kg/m³

II. Foundation System:

Full grid, adjustable height, galvanized steel sheet construction, three embossed steel ramp.


Italy Riello burner RG5S* 1unit
SUS304 stainless steel Heating Exchanger, argon arc welding
8~15 minutes reaching the baking temperature 60~80 degree Celsius
Cabinet (rock-wool insulation) * 1unit; Air Ducts * 2pcs; oil box*1

IV. Filtration System:

Pre-filters Can Capture Granules Larger than 10μm;

Ceiling filter can Capture Granules Bigger than 4μm.

Floor filter multilayer glass fiber, air cleanliness in room can reach 98%
Active filter cotton to purify smell

V. Light System:

Ceiling lights: 32pcs LED type, with Light Fixtures, anti-explosion design

Bottom lights: 24pcs LED type,with Light Fixtures, anti-explosion design

VI. Ventilation System:

Air-Intake Fans * 1units 11KW Centrifugal Fans  capacity: 30000 m³/h

Exhaust fan* 1 units 5.5 KW Centrifugal fans  capacity: 15000 m³/h

 Air velocity 0.45 m/s

Cabinet for the fans* 1unit, and Air Ducts* 3pcs, and Air Damper(electric)* 1unit

VII. Control Panel:

One unit, including lighting switch, painting switch, warm painting, baking temperature, time setting, urgent stop switch. All components with famous domestic brand .

VIII. Other Include:

All sets of hardware, fasteners and sealants, three rows ramps.