FMS8000 Cheap auto spray paint booth painting spray cabin

Infrared heating system, 33kw
2 sets 4kw YDW Air-intake fans, Centrifugal,
Air velocity 0.35m/s

FMS8000 Cheap auto spray paint booth painting spray cabin



Outer Size(mm): 7000 × 5000 × 3200 mm (L×W×H)

Internal Size(mm): 6900 × 3900 × 2600 mm (L×W×H)

Entrance Door Size(mm):3000 × 2400 mm × 3 folds

Operatior’s Door Size(mm): 650 × 2000 mm ×1 fold, with handle and anti-explosion lock


Features: Total power 33 kw;  380V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3 phase;  Noise < 80db


Spray Booth Configuration:


I.Cabin system

Wallboard: EPS colorful steel skin board, wall panel 50mm, color steel thickness: 0.33mm.


Basement: The basement made by high quality galvanized 1.2mm steel sheet and square tubes assembling,300mm height;

2 rows of grilles (30*3mm) made by flat bar and round steel, 30*4mm;

3 rows of diamond plates, Galvanized.

2 rows of slopes , 2000 mm × 650 mm × 2 pc

1 set of foot platform


II. Ventilation system

Inlet fan: 2 × 4KW YDW centrifugal fans,
total air capacity: 25000 m3/h/set

Outlet fan: optional

Airflow speed: 0.35 m/s, ventilation rate: 280 time/h


III. Heating System

1KW × 3 pc × 8 units infrared lamps for heating


IV. Lighting System

Ceiling light: LED lights: 24W × 3 pc × 8 units

Side light: LED lights: 24W x 2 pcs x 6 units


V. Filtration System

Primary filter: to filter granules > 10μm, filtering rate > 83%

Ceiling filter: to filter granules > 4μm, filtering rate > 98%

Floor filter: multi-layer glass fiber, air cleanliness in room can reach 98%


VI. Control Panel

lighting, spraying, heating, temperature controller, time setting, emergency stop, etc.


VII. Other Include:

All sets of hardware, fasteners and sealants.