Cartridge filter recovery powder painting spray booth

1. The powder is easy to recover
2. Easy operation
3.Change color quickly
4. Low noise

Electrostatic manual powder coating spray booth with fast color change

External size: (L * W * H)    3000mm * 2000mm * 2400mm
Structure: Packing down, easy for transport
Cabin system: 2mm thickness powder coating color cold rolled steel sheet, nice bending and welding works; There is a cross bar on the top for hanging the work piece
Powder recovery system: Filter cartridge * 5pcs, 900mm * Ø325mm
Solenoid valve: * 5pcs
Circulation system: 1 set of centrifugal blower
Lighting system: 1 set of explosion proof light
Control system: 1 set, control the power, pulse blowback, light and blower
Voltage / Frequency:380V / 220v (50-60hz);

Before customized design for your powder coating spray booth, there are some points needing
your confirmation:

1. The size of workpiece, especially the max size
2. The max weight of the workpiece
3. Is there any requirements about the suspension of the workpiece?
4. The material of the workpiece
5. The anticipative output for the biggest size of the orkpiece (how many pcs in 8 hours)
6. The length, width and height of the factory available for the powder coating line
7. The heating power: Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Liquefied natural gas, fuel, or electric?
8. Do you need to change colors every day? How many colors do you have in total?
9. Do you need automatic painting or manual painting?
10. Do you need pre-treatment process? If you do, do you like spray pre-treatment or bath pre-treatment?
11. The local electricity conditions (_V / _Phase / _Hz)
12. Do you have any special requirements for the package?