Car Polish Prep Station Spray Booth FMS6300

Size accept customize, with full gride plates for basement.

PVC curtain dust polish booths car pre station FMS6300

Outside  size: 7125 × 3480 × 3100mm (L × W × H)
Inner size: 6000 × 3480 × 2700mm (L × W × H)
Total power: 7 (Kw) Electricity: 380v/50hz/3phase;
(Excluding car ramps)

1.Cabin Exhaust
Framework made of section bar,cabin body assembled by painted steel plate. It offers firm structure、nice appearance、convenient maintenance.

2. Walls
Back: EPS foam plate 50mm thick
Front: PVC curtains, 2pcs, color optional
Sides: PVC curtains, 4pcs, color optional

3. Basement    
300 mm height; Floor all grid plate x 5 rows/set; Include diamond plate car ramps x 2pieces. The basement is an integrated anti-corrosive system for air exhaust, rigidity, stability and shock resistance.

4. Air Purification system 

Air-Inlet Filter x 4 pieces/set; Air-Exhaust Filter(Rear Wall) x 3 pieces/set.                                                   

1. The high-quality filter screen has multiple layers, which is placed at the bottom of the plenum chamber, and supported by roof mesh.            
 2. The roof mesh is constructed from C-shaped steel with strong corrosion resistance, it is replaced easily, and can effectively catch the dust particle with it’s diameter of the over 5micron.

5. Air System

Air-intake YDW Centrifugal Fan one unit, 4 KW; Air capacity 15,000m³/h; Total pressure 800Pa. 
Air-outlet YDW Centrifugal Fan one unit, 4 KW; Air capacity 15,000m³/h; Total pressure 800Pa. 

Cabinet & Air Ducts
Cabinet x 1unit for the Fan; Air Ducts x2 units.

Air Damper
Air Damper and Air Damper Actuator x 1 unit.

6. Lighting System
32pcs, 36w each, with Light Fixtures, anti-explosion design, mounted on side of ceiling, uniform an brilliant.

7. Control System
Control Panel x 1 unit.

All Hardware, Fasteners, and Sealants