Big size furniture paint booth spray booth for painting and baking

Customized size spray booth furniture painting and drying booth, with infrared lamps , 60M2

Big size furniture paint spray booth

wood spray-baking room with infrared heating


Innerside Dimension(mm)L×W×H: 12000x5000x3000mm
Painting Room Dimension(mm)L×W: 6000x5000x3000mm
Drying Room Dimension(mm)L×W: 6000x5000x3000mm
Incoming Door Dimension(mm)W×H: 1900×2300mm
Delivery Door Dimension(mm)W×H: 1900×2300mm
Air Capacity(m3/h): 20000
Air Speed(m/s): 0.2-0.3
Ventilation Rate(Times/Hour): 255
Fan Power(KW): 2*1.5kw, 2*2.2KW

 Wall Panels
Panels 50mm EPS colorful steel skin panel,
steel 0.4mm thick,12kg/cbm and flame-resisting EPS,
tongue groove style, compound construction, anti-flame and heat-insulation.
8*4*36W lamp,Illuminance exceeding 800LUX, non explosive
Infrared Heating Tubes
24 pieces ×1 KW infrared light heater ,anti-explosion
Generator Setting Type
Side intake air
Intake Air Fan For painting room
1×5.5KW double-intake centrifugal fans, air capacity: 20000m³/h
Exhaust Fan For painting room
1×5.5 KW
Filter System
Intake air: pre-filter, high efficiency filter(ceiling filter)
Exhaust air filter;
Electronic control system
The Lighting switch, spray paint, baking temperature, time setting, emergency stop switch, power supply