Auto body downdraft painting room FMS8200

75mm EPS colorful steel wall panel, G20* 1unit burner, Air velocity 0.3 m/s.

Car spray booth is used for painting and baking the paint on the car. It could provide a closed clear painting environment for painting operators. There're two process in total:

- 1. Painting Mode: The fresh air comes into the plenum after filtering by air intake filter system. Then will be pressure averaged by the ceiling filter, and flow down to the cabin at the speed of 0.2~0.3m/s. The air flow could take the painting mist out of the cabin by exhaust fan.

- 2. Baking Mode: The air damp will adjust to baking position. The air exhaust fan stops running, only the air intake fan is running at this time. The hot air will flow up to the roof and flow down to be a circle process. Generally the baking temperature is 40~60ºC.



Outer Size(mm): 7050x5200x3500

Internal Size(mm): 6900x3900x2700

Entrance Door Size(mm):3000X2700, Adopt with handle and lock

Operatior’s Door Size(mm): 650X2000, Adopt with handle and Anti-Explosion

Features: Total power 12.5 kw;  380V/3ph/50hz;  Noise < 80db


Spray Booth Configuration:

I. Wallboard:

EPS colorful steel skin board, wall panel 75mm, color steel thickness: 0.476mm, density:12kg/m³

II. Foundation System:

Two rows  Metal Pedestal (Galvanized), with Filter Tray 

Two rows Grid Plates (Galvanized)

Three rows Diamond Plates (Powder Coated or Galvanized)


Italy Riello burner G20* 1unit

SUS304 stainless steel Heating Exchanger, argon arc welding

8~15 minutes reaching the baking temperature 60~80 degree Celsius

Cabinet (rock-wool insulation) * 1unit; Air Ducts * 2pcs

IV. Filtration System:

Pre-filters Can Capture Granules Larger than 10μm;

Ceiling filter can Capture Granules Bigger than 4μm.

Floor filter multilayer glass fiber, air cleanliness in room can reach 98%

V. Light System:

Ceiling lights: 32pcs LED type, with Light Fixtures, anti-explosion design

Bottom lights: 24pcs LED type,with Light Fixtures, anti-explosion design

VI. Ventilation System:

Air-Intake Fans * 2units 3KW Centrifugal Fans  capacity: 20000 m³/h

Exhaust fan* 1 units 4KW Centrifugal fans capacity: 12500 m³/h

Air velocity 0.3 m/s

Cabinet for the fans* 1unit, and Air Ducts* 3pcs, and Air Damper(electric)* 1unit

VII. Control Panel:

One unit, including lighting switch, painting switch, warm painting, baking temperature, time setting, urgent stop switch. All components with famous domestic brand .

VIII. Other Include:

All sets of hardware, fasteners and sealants, three rows ramps.