Vise type main clamp fixed clamp fixture sheet metal repair plastic platform accessories tool

The vise skirt clamp, the general clamp in the beam correction equipment, is suitable for fixing vehicles with skirts and vehicles without skirts.

Features: It is flexible and convenient to clamp the car body, and fixed firmly.
The vise fixture can be adjusted, the height can be adjusted at will, the clamping force is large, and the car body can be firmly positioned and tightened.
The sheet metal tool accessories for alloy steel heat treatment take into account the deformation correction of any shape,
which can make the correction more convenient and convenient.

The bottom plate of the main clamp is cut and formed by thickened plates at one time without deformation. The sides of the base are connected by ribs, which are tightly fitted, reasonable design, convenient operation, improved efficiency, stable and reliable.

Seiko manufacturing quality assurance
The lead screw is made of No. 45 steel and processed by a CNC lathe at one time, which is strong and durable.

The maximum clamping force of the jaw is 5 tons, made of forged 45# steel, and the teeth of the jaw are quenched by high frequency and high temperature, and the hardness reaches HRC50 degrees, which is wear-resistant and durable.

Thickened base, strong bite force, wide bite surface, durable.