Pneumatic hydraulic pump

Pneumatic pump, hydraulic pump, pedal pneumatic pump and one-year factory direct warranty for automobile beam correction instrument.

Rated pressure: 70MPA or more
Fuel capacity: 1.6 liters, 2.3 liters
Hydraulic oil: 32# hydraulic oil
Weight: 8-8.5KG

Maxi output pressure: 10KN
Input air pressure: 90-140PSI
Required air pressure: 25-125PSI
Air inlet thread: 1/4 NPT
Outlet thread: 3/8 NPTF

Operation and maintenance
1. Oil change: Change the hydraulic oil every 350 hours of use. After cleaning the pump body and casing, blow dry with a high-pressure air source or blow dry with a fan, and re-add No. 32 high-quality hydraulic oil.
2. Discharge of air in hydraulic oil
Under normal circumstances, this step is not needed. If the motor runs very fast and the hydraulic pressure cannot be built up, the air removal operation should be performed. Place the pedal in a position where the oil return is supported, and slowly press down the air button, which is located at the attachment of the pedal air inlet. Let the pump run briefly several times. Slowly pressing the pressure button will produce a throttling effect on the air intake, effectively allowing the hydraulic oil to enter the pressure chamber through the oil inlet pipe until the air is completely removed.
3. The air pipe and oil pipe joints must be cleaned before connecting. Otherwise, after the impurities enter the pipeline, it will damage the cylinder and hydraulic components, greatly shortening the service life of the pneumatic pump.
4, The air source connected to the pneumatic pump must be drained every day through the air compressor and the air storage tank. It is best to add a separate filter at the end of the air source of the pneumatic pump to ensure the air source Clean, which greatly extends the service life of the pneumatic pump.