Stud welding machine/Dent pulling for Aluminum

Item No.: SW-962N
It is designed specifically to perform dent pulling on ALUMINIUM. Using M4/M5/M6 studs, this device allows eliminating the bump and impacts (door panel, hood, ...) without stripping. It can also be used for steel dent pulling uning steel studs.
Push-button aluminum body repair machine

Micro-processor controlled with digital display

• the studs which is used (6 studs, ALU M4/M5/M6, STEEL M4/M5/M6)

• no need to select the welding voltage.


Automatic gun

The gun has no trigger; the welding is automatic when the tip slides into the gun. The earth terminals are integrated to the gun.

Technical parameter
Power supply 1ph 230V
Rated power 1.5KVA
I2 max 7500A
Capacity 96000uf
Fuse 10A
Output voltage 40-190V
Welding mode Automatic
Cable length 3m 35mm2
Packaging size 70*45*90cm(0.23CBM)
Gross weight 68kg
Packing Polywooden