Car body intelligent induction dent repair for steel

Item No.: PL-80N-1
230V or 400V steel dent puller with 3800A output current, ideal for all steel straightening and dent pulling jobs. Simple to use thanks to its automatic gun and its user friendly control panel.
Intelligent induction depression repair machine

Subvert the traditional welding process,inductive pulse welding,without gun switch.
Push-button operating in accordance with the function and the worjpiece by selecting in 7 functions like welding OT meson,wavy wire,triangle plate,and pressing,spot welding,shinking,stud welding.

Technical parameter

Input voltage: AC220V/380V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Rated power: 2.2KVA
Output current: 3800A
Output voltage: 6-8V
Welding mode: induction welding
Number of welding guns: single gun
Packing size: 57*46*62cm
Weight: 50KG

Subvert the traditional welding process, induction pulse welding
No gun switch, button operation
Split design
It has seven functions such as sheet metal triangle sheet, round OT sheet, wavy line, flattening, electric welding, shrinking, stud, etc.
Built-in 77 sets of welding parameters
Equipped with copper rod pull hammer, double fulcrum pull frame, quick drawing suit