4.5T Hydraulic Home garage car lift

Item No.: F-4500
1, floor plate type design, suitable for low ceiling workshop.
2, Dual cylinders, high strength chain drives system.
3. The sliding body integrated bending steel plate welding makes the support point of the support arm more firm
4. Standard protective
Duplex cylinder used car lift 2 post

1. Lifting capacity: 4500Kg 
2. Post Height: 2830mm
3. Car max lifting height: 1750mm
4. Lift min stand height: 120mm
5. Clearance between posts: 2800mm
6. Install width: 3380mm
7. Lifting Time: 60s (Adjustable)
8. Lowering Time: 50s (Adjustable)
9. Voltage: 110V/220V/380V/415V, 1ph/3ph
10. Noise: <70dB
11. Motor Power:2.2kw