4 Column Hydraulic Car Lift

Item No.: 4L-5500
Chain type four-post lift, lifting weight 5 tons, pneumatic unlocking device.
4 Post Car Lift with Wheel Alignment Turntables

Lifting weight: 5500kg
Lifting height: 1800mm
Mini height: 220mm
Platform length: 6000mm
Total length of equipment: 7550mm
Total width of equipment: 3670mm
Width between columns: 3020mm
Single lane width: 510mm
Lane spacing: 900-1100mm
Second lift height: 300-490mm
Column height: 2200mm
Rise time: 60S
Fall time: 50S
Motor power: 3.0KW
Power supply voltage: 380v
Total weight of equipment: 2350kg
Unlock method: pneumatic unlock