New stainless steel hose reel cart

1, Snap-in installation method, simple operation
2, Free match the quantity of water, electricity, gas, double pipe, high pressure drum
Portable water hose reel cart

It is suitable for automobile 4S shop, auto repair factory repair shop, car beauty shop. Our products assemble necessary power sources together working lamp, which can assemble as requirements. Improve working efficiency and working conditions. Closed structure avoids the dust outside, which can increase the tube working time. Surface painting avoids rusty or oxidation. Hard steel structure is strong.

Water hose reel
Common pressure 1.5MPa, burst pressure: 4.5MPa
Transportable media: compressed air, atmospheric water
Water pipe specification 6.5mm×10.0mm×10M, material: PU polyether yarn clamping tube

Air hose reel
Common pressure 1.5MPa, burst pressure: 4.5MPa,
Transportable medium: compressed air
Trachea specification 6.5mm×10.0mm×10M, material: PU yarn clamping tube

Cable Hose Reel
Rated power: Incompletely pulled out 8A, completely pulled out: 15A, rated voltage: 250V AC frequency: 50-60Hz
Cable specification: 2x1.5mm2 input line length: 1M, output line length: 10M

Twin hose reel of air and water
Common pressure 1.2MPa, burst pressure: 3.6MPa
Water pipe size 8.0mm×12.0mm (over normal pressure water)
Trachea specification 6.0mm×10.0mm (over compressed air)
Full length 7M

High-pressure water hose reel
Common pressure 15MPa, burst pressure: 45MPa
Trachea specification 8.0mm×17.0mm×10M, material: steel wire braided rubber hose