Multi functional hose reel combination

Freely match the quantity of water, electricity, gas, double pipe, high pressure drum
Combined hose reel/ hose reel assembly/ hose reel cabinets

lron case with ABS engineering plastic
Inside Assembly Device
High Pressure Reel,water and Air Reel set, Small water hose reel, air hose reel and cable reels. More choices acceptable.

It is suitable for automobile 4S shop, auto repair factory repair shop, car beauty shop. Our products assemble necessary power sources together working lamp, which can assemble as requirements. Improve working efficiency and working conditions. Closed structure avoids the dust outside, which can increase the tube working time. Surface painting avoids rusty or oxidation. Hard steel structure is strong.

water hose reel: Connect with tap water and water spray gun optional.

Air hose reel: used to connect a series of pneumatic equipment such as air blowing gun, air pump and pneumatic waxing machine.

Cable Hose Reel: connect all electric equipment.

Twin hose reel of air and water: Connect the water-air mixing gun, use air pressure to drive the water pressure, and use tap water to increase the pressure greatly (lower than the high-pressure car washing machine).Water pipe specifications:8mm (inner diameter) x12mm (outer diameter) 
Air pipe specifications:6.5mm (inner diameter) x10mm (outer diameter) 
Water pipe length :Input pipe 1m, output pipe 7m "    

High-pressure water hose reel: Connect the high-pressure water gun and use the powerful water pressure of the high-pressure car washing machine to wash the car body. Water pipe specifications:8.0mm (inner diameter) x17mm (outer diameter) 
Water pipe length:Input line 1m, output line 10m.