Automatic retractable garden water hose reel

Item No.: W-1010
Can be installed hanging or wall-mounted according to the needs of the scene, easy to install
Auto rewind water hose reel

Product Name: Water Hose Reel    
Water pipe material: Polyether Yarn tube    
water pipe specifications: 6.5(inner diameter)x10mm(outer diameter)    
water pipe length: Input pipe 1m, output pipe 10m    
Common pressure: 1.5Mpa    
Burst pressure: 4.5Mpa    
Transport medium: Compressed air, common water    
Product weight: 3.6kg    
Colors: Red, Blue, Grey, Yellow    

1. It is suitable for automobile 4S shop, auto repair factory, the factory repair shop, car beauty shop.
2. Improve working efficiency and working conditions.
3. Closed structure avoids the dust outside, which can increase the tube working time.
4. With ABS engineering plastic case, steel made reel and Polyether Yarn Tube.
5. Rathet and ratchet wheel are made by steel, which is safe with long working life; Copper made spindle and joint avoid to getting rusty.
6. The copper shaft sleeve bearing reduce the friction to the lowest.